Colorfront License Site

License Key

In order to get the new license key to your CF dongle, please follow the instructions written below.

- Connect the dongle to your computer via USB, wait until the OS successfully recognizes it and the dongle is ready to use.

- Open 'Colorfront License Utility' application from the home directory of Colorfront software.

- The host ID of the dongle needs to be displayed. If not, click 'Refresh' button.

- Copy and paste the license string from the 'License' field to the 'License Key' field on the right side of this page.

Note: if copy is not working with Cmd+C shortcut on Mac OSX, select the license key with the left mouse button in the 'License' field of 'Colorfront License Utility’ application, click with the right mouse button, then select 'Copy' from the list.

- Click 'Submit' button on the right side of this page.